The Erasmus+ project „Change Your Perspective: It´s Just Dyscalculia“ aims at the following:

  • improving the institutional capacity of the project partner organisations, in particular in the field of school education and dealing with dyscalculia
  • ensuring that pupils with learning difficulties are included in regular classes
  • strengthening the professional competences of the trainers in the project partner organisations at EU level
  • ensuring that development plans for dyscalculia are conceptualised and prepared

For being able to do so, the consortium will generate the follwing outputs:


  1. Creating Dyscalculia Curriculum and Course Material
  2. Creating Dyscalculia E-Learning Module
  3. Creating Dyscalculia Quick Practice Solutions

You can find these outputs within the work packages 2 – 4 as well as in the activities of the project.