LTTA2 in Paderborn, Germany ⚫🔴🟡

From the 11th to the 15th of March, the partners of the Eramsus+ project “Change Your Perspective: It´s Just Dyscalculia” had an LTTA2 at the partners of Paderborn University in Paderborn, Germany.

The meeting focussed on e-learning and videos as part of e-learning in school. The
partners are familiar with e-learning and the creation of learning videos. They created
videos of the Dyscalculia project, its meaning in Europe and in every partner country.

The project partners worked on the second work package and discussed further tasks
within the project. The next meeting, which will be the third LTTA, will be held in Lithuania.
Overall, it was a successful week and the partners are excited for the next phase!

🔜 LTTA2 at University Paderborn

The partners are looking forward to the upcoming Learning Teaching Training Activity at University Paderborn in Paderborn, Germany.

In this activity, the partners are going to focus on e-learning and videos as part of e-learning in classroom environments in secondary schools. They are going to find great solutions of e-learning and video elements to support students with learning disabilities such as dyscalculia. Stay tuned 🚀