Special Education

This project „Change Your Perspective: It´s Just Dyscalculia“ underscores the significance of specialized educational support and inclusive special education programs. Individuals with dyscalculia require tailored strategies and accommodations to overcome mathematical challenges. Recognizing these needs is essential for fostering a more inclusive learning environment. It’s a reminder of the importance of equity in education, where every learner, regardless of their unique learning profile, can access the support and resources they need to thrive academically. By prioritizing effective special education programs, the consortium empower individuals with dyscalculia to reach their full potential and succeed in their educational journey.

Mathematical Skills

Mathematical skills are fundamental in our daily lives, but for individuals with dyscalculia, these skills can be an uphill battle. Dyscalculia directly impacts a person’s ability to grasp basic arithmetic, solve mathematical problems, and comprehend mathematical concepts. It’s like navigating a complex puzzle with missing pieces. Recognizing these challenges is the first step towards providing the necessary support and accommodations. By addressing the specific needs of individuals with dyscalculia, the partners of this project can help them build their mathematical skills and boost their confidence in handling numerical tasks, empowering them for success.

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities, like Dyscalculia, shed light on the diverse ways individuals process information. Recognizing the existence of such disabilities is essential to promote inclusive education. It reminds us that intelligence comes in many forms, and standardized tests don’t measure the full spectrum of human potential. By acknowledging and accommodating these differences, the consortium of this project can create an educational environment where everyone, regardless of their learning style, can thrive and succeed.


Dyscalculia, often referred to as a „math learning disability,“ is a condition that affects an individual’s ability to understand and work with numbers and mathematical concepts. It can lead to difficulties in basic arithmetic, number sense, and mathematical problem-solving. Recognizing dyscalculia is crucial, as it enables early intervention and tailored support for those affected. By raising awareness about dyscalculia and promoting inclusive educational strategies, the Dyscalculia initiative can help individuals overcome its challenges and develop mathematical skills, fostering confidence and success in both academic and everyday life.

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The ERASMUS+ project Change Your Perspective: It’s Just Dyscalculia is in the field of school education. It focuses on the development, testing and evaluation of a curriculum and face-to-face and online courses for dealing with dyscalculia.
Dyscalculia is a pronounced impairment of mathematical thinking or calculation skills.
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